White Light WiFi Flood Light IP Camera

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Product name: White Light WiFi Flood Light IP Camera IP Flood light Camera
Model NO.: MVR6120S2-D6
System: Embedded Linux Systems, ARM chip architecture
Chipset: AK3918E(Anyka), M-start
Pixels: 100W, 200W
Sensor Resolution:1280*720, 1920*1080
Lens:Plane lens, Focal length: 3.6mm
View of Angle: 110° view angle

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Product Detail

Camera built-in WIFl module, support online real-time viewing and video reply.Meet the needs of monitoring and lighting, suitable for homes,courtyards, independent villas and open spaces.Built-in automatic switching lR-CUT and 4 pcs Infrared Array,good performance even if in the deep night,10~15M Visible distance.Automatic induction lighting at night makesthieves nowhere to hide.After the camera detects a moving object or unknown identityto approach, it will automatically shooting.After confirming lntruder, it sends the alarms message touser automatically and record the videos in real time.Built-in microphone and speaker,Two-way audio, directional real-time audio transmission. Withstands severe weather and environment, the machine is waterproofand durablelP65 waterproof and dustproof design, no fear of outdoorrain and snow. 100 meters long wifi connect distance and stable signal, to avoid devices offline problem.128GB TF card for storage, backup recover with NAS. Simultaneously, choose cloud service to avoid missing the video file.

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