• Installation requirements for dome cameras

    Installation requirements for dome cameras

            Due to its beautiful appearance and good concealment performance, dome cameras are widely used in banks, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, subways, elevator cars and other places that require monitoring, pay attention to beauty, and pay attention to conce...
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  • How can traditional industries achieve digital transformation?

    At present, with the innovative application of big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and 5G technology, the digital economy with digital information as the key production factor is booming, giving birth to new business models and economic paradigms, and promoting global competition into t...
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  • The intelligent boom is coming, what kind of security camera is the real “smart”?

    Tracing the development history of security video surveillance, with the improvement of the level of science and technology, the security video surveillance industry has gone through the analog era, the digital era and the high-definition era. With the blessing of emerging technologies such as te...
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  • What is hybrid cloud video surveillance?

    What is hybrid cloud video surveillance?

    About the basics of hybrid cloud video surveillance. Cloud video surveillance, also commonly referred to as Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), refers to cloud-based solutions packaged and delivered as a service. A true cloud-based solution provides video processing and management via the c...
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  • Should we be worried by ever more CCTV cameras?

    In the UK there is one CCTV camera for every 11 people It is all quiet on a mid-morning weekday at the CCTV monitoring centre of Southwark Council, in London, when I pay a visit. Dozens of monitors display largely mundane activities – people cycling in a park, waiting for buses, co...
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  • How to choose a night vision security camera?

    Whether you are looking for a color night vision security camera or an infrared outdoor security camera, a complete, well-designed system depends on choosing the best and most suitable night vision security camera. The cost difference between entry-level and high-end color night vision cameras ca...
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  • Tiandy won 7th in the a&s “2021 Global Security 50 Ranking”

    Tiandy won 7th in the a&s “2021 Global Security 50 Ranking”

    Tiandy ranked 7th in the a&s Top Security 50 newly released today and again held top 10 security brand. The a&s conducts an analysis on influential surveillance companies worldwide and makes a ranking according to their 2020 sales revenue. ...
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  • Opportunities and challenges in the security industry

    Opportunities and challenges in the security industry

    2021 has passed, and this year is still not a smooth year. On the one hand, factors such as geopolitics, the COVID-19, and the shortage of chips caused by the shortage of raw materials have magnified the uncertainty of the industry market. On the other hand, under the wa...
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  • WiFi makes life smarter

    WiFi makes life smarter

    Under the general trend of intelligence, building a comprehensive system that integrates practicality, intelligence, simplicity and safety has become an important trend in the fiel...
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