The intelligent boom is coming, what kind of security camera is the real “smart”?

Tracing the development history of security video surveillance, with the improvement of the level of science and technology, the security video surveillance industry has gone through the analog era, the digital era and the high-definition era. With the blessing of emerging technologies such as technology, the era of intelligent video surveillance is coming.


In the era of security intelligent video surveillance, the video surveillance industry has completed the city-wide video surveillance, dynamic face control, face capture and other related links, but only by embedding the “face recognition” algorithm, the security camera can be praised as having a Is a “smart” brain enough to support the intelligence of the video surveillance industry?

The answer must be no. In the era of intelligent video surveillance, “smart” security cameras, in addition to recognizing faces in video data, should also be able to quickly capture key information from massive video data and analyze them, such as people counting, abnormal crowd analysis, etc. Video connection structure function; at the same time, it also needs a pair of “eyes” with super night vision function, which can still conduct full-color video surveillance in low light or no light environment… That is to say, a truly “smart” security camera, Must have the ability to think actively.

Of course, the formation of “smart” security cameras is not as simple as imagined. The so-called “smart” here must involve cloud-side-end intelligence, including the integration and application of multiple intelligent technologies, and also including multiple chip technologies. and further development of algorithms.

Post time: May-12-2022